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The Teaching Space Podcast

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Feb 7, 2019

Episode 46 of The Teaching Space Podcast explores 30 Edtech Tools taken from a blended learning session I ran recently.


This episode’s audio is taken from a video I created for a blended learning session called 30 Edtech Tools in 30 Minutes.

Below you will find links to all of the tools I mentioned, as well as a copy of the Google Slides presentation I used in the session.


Tools Used

  1. Loom

  2. Diigo

  3. Emoji Copy

  4. TES Teach with Blendspace

  5. Quick, Draw!

  6. Google Keep

  7. Padlet

  8. Noisli

  9. Voice Typing in Google Docs

  10. Just Press Record

  11. QR Code Creator

  12. Canva

  13. Streaks

  14. Wakelet

  15. Edpuzzle

  16. Pocket

  17. Adobe Spark


  19. Google Forms/Quizzes

  20. Answer Garden

  21. Flipgrid

  22. Insert Learning

  23. Trello

  24. Random Name Selector

  25. Audible

  26. TED-Ed

  27. Google Hangouts

  28. Rewordify

  29. Day One

  30. Giphy

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please check out my new book, The Productive Teacher at