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The Teaching Space Podcast

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Oct 12, 2018

Episode 33 of The Teaching Space Podcast explores how touch-typing can help both teacher and learner to work much faster. 


Learning to type was probably one of the best things I ever did and this applies to all roles in my life: student, adult, “corporate world me” and teacher.

It enables you to work more efficiently at the computer. You get more done thanks to increased speed and accuracy.

Touch-typing helps me every day with:

  • Writing my book.
  • Writing podcast outlines.
  • Writing feedback for learners.
  • Communicating by email.
  • Anything that involves communicating using the written word and a computer! 

If you can already type, keep listening, because this is a skill you should pass on to your learners and colleagues. 

What is Touch Typing?

  • Looking at your screen, not your fingers.
  • Using all (or most) of your fingers to type.
  • Technically, specific fingers activate specific keys (if you have been trained correctly). 

Who Needs to Learn to Touch Type

  • Simple - everyone who uses a computer to get things done.
  • You - if you don’t already.
  • They should teach children to touch type as soon as they start Googling! 

Who Should Teach Touch Typing

  • This is tricky because I am aware my listeners teach lots of different subjects and age groups.
  • But touch typing is a functional skill in the same way maths, English and ICT are. Typing comes under ICT.
  • While you might not have the curriculum space or capacity to teach touch typing, can you bring it into your teaching in other ways? Let’s discuss in our Facebook group.

How Can You Learn to Touch Type?

Fair warning - if you have been typing in your own way for many years, it is VERY hard to slow down and unlearn it. But it’s worth it. This is one reason they should teach touch-typing as early in a child’s school experience as possible. But you can do it and it is worth it!

The best way:

  • Use an online programme.
  • Get through the bulk of the input as quickly as you can (learn your fingers and keys).
  • Make time for deliberate practice for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Practice outside of this time every time you use your computer (this is the hardest bit).

Touch Typing Resources

  • Typing Club
  • BBC Dance Mat (for children)
  • The Typing Cat
  • Mavis Beacon
  • Kaz

Wrap Up

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