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The Teaching Space Podcast

The podcast is on pause for a year (as of August 2021) as I am tackling the final year of my masters in education (which I am doing alongside my full-time job). In the meantime, please revisit the considerable back catalogue of episodes. Also, give me a follow on Twitter, where I am still very active and sign up for my personal newsletter here. You can visit The Teaching Space website here:

Thank you 🍏

Feb 20, 2021


  • Introducing AJ Smith (00:40).
  • On AJ's switch from secondary to primary (01:16).
  • On my switch from finance to education (08:00).
  • How I "met" AJ... spoiler - it's YouTube (10:05).
  • Starting to talk about Notion (10:53).
  • One trust place for everything (12:50).
  • Productivity challenges for teachers (13:24).
  • Finding the Notion community (20:45).
  • What is Notion? (22:47).
  • AJ's Notion setup (24:00).
  • Using Notion to improve your mental health (28:53).
  • How using Notion makes you a better person (!) (32:42).
  • The quick capture/inbox concept (35:20).
  • The second brain (38:20).
  • Is there a danger that we will collect too much information? (43:30).
  • Curate with an action attached (46:11).
  • AJ on YouTube (47:00).


Thanks to AJ for being such an interesting and engaging guest.

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