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The Teaching Space Podcast

The podcast is on pause for a year (as of August 2021) as I am tackling the final year of my masters in education (which I am doing alongside my full-time job). In the meantime, please revisit the considerable back catalogue of episodes. Also, give me a follow on Twitter, where I am still very active and sign up for my personal newsletter here. You can visit The Teaching Space website here:

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Oct 17, 2020

This episode is kindly sponsored by Subject Leaders.


  • About Professor Matt O’Leary (01:15).
  • What Matt first became interested in observations (01:55).
  • Different types of observations and reasons for them (05:47).
  • Matt’s most recent research into observations (09:43).
  • How Martine’s College executes observations - The ONE THING (16:43).
  • Matt’s thoughts on The ONE THING (19:36).
  • About unseen observation (22:29).
  • Unseen observations while teaching online (27:35).
  • Existing research on professional learning (32:40).
  • The future of observation(43:30).
  • Where to find Matt online (46:39).


Thanks so much to Matt O’Leary for coming on the show and thanks also go to this episode’s sponsor, Subject Leaders.

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