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The Teaching Space Podcast

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Dec 12, 2020

Episode 109 of The Teaching Space Podcast is an interview with sleep specialist, Daniel White, who has some great advice to help teachers and trainers sleep better.


  • Introducing Daniel (00:50).
  • On burnout (01:48).
  • Why sleep matters (03:06).
  • What happens to your brain when you are awake (05:34).
  • How can teachers and trainers learn to sleep better? (06:30).
  • Become aware first - recognise the need to improve (06:43).
  • About circadian rhythm (07:56).
  • Caveman Dan! (09:00).
  • Light exposure (12:15).
  • Addictive blue light (19:38).
  • Avoid blue light in the evening using blue light blocking glasses (20:16).
  • Adjust your tech to reduce blue light (23:56).
  • Think about your house lighting (25:22).
  • Early daytime light exposure is important (27:09).
  • Seasonal affective disorder (31:38).
  • How food affects sleep (35:50).
  • How alcohol affects sleep (37:24).
  • How we sleep (38:32).
  • Final thought: boundaries (43:21).
  • Find Daniel online - links below (45:33).
  • Martine’s wrap up (48:28).


Thanks to Daniel White for being such a generous guest.

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