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The Teaching Space Podcast

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Oct 3, 2020

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  • About Joanne (00:45)

  • What is coaching? (01:51)

  • What are some of the different types of coaching? (03:33)

  • The spectrum of approaches to coaching (05:40)

  • What is the difference between teaching and coaching? (06:35)

  • Tips for using coaching with students (09:52)

    • Tip 1: plan your questions (10:45)

    • Tip 2: identify the opportunities to ask coaching questions (13:26)

    • Tip 3: recognise that you, as a coach, are constantly developing a skill (15:57)

  • Top tips for using coaching with colleagues and peers (21:00)

    • Tip 1: clarity the purpose of and approach to the conversation (21:15)

    • Tip 2: prepare yourself physically and mentally for your coaching conversation (23:21)

    • Tip 3: follow up and keep momentum (26:06)

  • The coaching skillset (28:51)

  • Find Joanne online - links below (35:21)

Wrap Up


I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. If you’d like to discuss coaching further, a great place to do this would be in The Teaching Space community. Visit to sign up for free.

Thanks to Joanne for her time and for being an excellent podcast guest. Thanks also to Loop for sponsoring this episode.

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