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The Teaching Space Podcast

The Teaching Space podcast closed in April 2022; however, there is a huge back catalogue of episodes for you to work your way through. Also, give me a follow on Twitter, where I am still active, and sign up for my personal newsletter here. You can visit The Teaching Space website here:

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Dec 29, 2017

Podcast Episode 3 Transcript

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Teaching Space podcast.

Today I'd like to share with you seven books that have made me a better teacher.

My Reading Habit

I should add, at this point, that I read between 2 and 4 books a month.

I'm an avid reader but I wouldn't be able to read this much if...

Dec 22, 2017

Episode 2 of The Teaching Space podcast is all about the reality of a paperless classroom.

Podcast Episode 2 Transcript

Hello and welcome to episode 2 of The Teaching Space podcast. I'm Martine, your host. Thank you for joining me today.

In episode one, I mentioned that part of my role is a digital lead. I am...

Dec 15, 2017

Episode one of The Teaching Space podcast explores why teachers and trainers often have a perfectionist streak and how to overcome it.

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Dec 1, 2017

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